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Tips on How to Keep Your Car Cool and Comfortable

There’s no doubt about it: The summer months in North Liberty, IA can get your car feeling rather toasty. Even on balmy 75°F days, your car’s interior can reach over 115°F in one hour, making all the surfaces scorching hot. Its cooling system gets tested, too, especially if you have to sit in traffic while on the way to the lake. 

Thankfully, our team at Quality Car Care is here to help. Although we cannot do anything about the heat outside, we have several tips you can use to keep your car cool and comfortable all summer long.

Get a Coolant Flush and Oil Change

Your car’s cooling system must work at peak efficiency to keep the engine in the right temperature range. If not, your car could overheat, leaving you stranded and damaging the motor.

Engine overheating could happen at any time of the year. But it’s more likely in the summer because there’s no cold air helping the radiator do its job.

So, to help your car, it’s best to get a coolant flush and an oil change performed by your trusted auto repair shop in North Liberty, IA. These essential fluid services ensure the oil and coolant are at the right levels and ready to absorb heat while cycling through your engine.

Have Your AC System Professionally Inspected

The last thing you want is your car’s AC system to suddenly stop working during your summer travels. Even if you’re close to your preferred repair shop, the malfunctioning AC can make your journey pretty uncomfortable.

To avoid that, inspect your AC system with an experienced ASE-certified technician to verify it’s working correctly. During that visit, they’ll check the system for any signs of a problem and confirm that it’s blowing cold air your way.

If they note any problems, you can complete the car air conditioner repair services needed to keep your car comfortable. This can also reduce the risk of the system failing when you’re out on the road. Planning a long road trip? Ask about getting a full pre-trip inspection as well.

Invest in Tinted Windows and Fabric Seat Covers

Running the AC is one of many ways to cool your car. High-quality car window tint can also keep you cool by blocking heat from entering the cabin space in the first place. How much heat the tint blocks depends on the type you get, but most decrease heat transfer by at least 25%.

If your car has leather or vinyl seats, you might also benefit from installing neoprene seat covers. This innovative fabric repels heat from reaching the seat material. And it acts as a shield between the hot surface and your body.

Park Smart to Come Back to a Cooler Car

Where and how you park your car dramatically affects how hot it feels when you return for another drive. Ideally, you’ll want to park in the shade whenever possible. This alone can reduce the cabin temperatures by up to 15 degrees, helping it cool back down much faster once you start driving.

Also, no matter where you park, set up a sunshade in your windshield and slightly crack the windows open to let air circulate. Every little bit helps lower your car’s temperature, although it will still get quite hot.

So, it’s important to remember not to let people or pets sit in the car while you’re away, even if you leave the air conditioning on. If the AC system stops working unexpectedly, the heat will quickly rise to dangerous levels.

Need Car Cooling System Repair or AC Service?

Our team at Quality Car Care can help you prepare your car for all your summer travels. We’re happy to complete pre-trip inspections, AC checks, cooling system services, and any other maintenance and repairs your vehicles need.

To get started, dial (319) 626-2500 to schedule an appointment at our car care center. Then, on the date of your visit, you can find us conveniently located at 900 Hwy 965 NE #11 North Liberty, Iowa, 52317. We look forward to helping you keep your car cool and comfortable all summer long, so please reach out any time.


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