Brake Service & Repair

Stop on a Dime with Brake Repair & Services in North Liberty, IA

When working right, your brakes effortlessly scrub off speed and bring you to a stop with the press of the pedal. You can then get to all your destinations safely while remaining confident behind the wheel. 

But as your braking components wear out or even fail, driving your car can feel dicey at best. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your car stopping on a dime with brake repair and services at our auto repair shop in North Liberty, IA.

Closeup image of a brake rotor, pad, and caliper. Concept image of brake services and repair at Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA.

Signs You Need Brake Servicing and Replacement

While it’s possible to have parts in your braking system fail outright, poor stopping power often happens much more gradually. 

You may initially notice that you must press the pedal down harder or that it just takes longer for your car to slow down. When that happens, it’s wise to go to our shop for brake servicing and replacement.

Other signs you may need brake service include:

Our team will always perform a thorough digital vehicle inspection when you bring your car for brake service. Our auto technician will check for signs of a problem while taking notes, photos, and videos for your review. 

You will then get all the info needed to make excellent care decisions for your car, including whether to get brake repair and replacement services at that time.

How Often Should You Get a Brake Pad Replacement

Your ideal brake replacement service intervals depend on your vehicle’s year, make, and model. The type of brake system on your car matters as well.

Many modern vehicles now use brakes and rotors designed with a 50,000 service life in mind. Hybrid cars with regenerative braking can go even longer than that.

Image of an auto mechanic's hand working on a brake with exposed rotor and pad. Concept image of brake services and repair at Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA.

On the other hand, older vehicles benefit from getting their brakes done every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. If you have drums instead of disc brakes, you’ll usually need to have the shoes replaced every 50,000 miles or so.

Talking with a service advisor is the best way to know when to come in. They’ll tell you the ideal service intervals for your braking system and then help you get on the schedule at just the right times.

Logo of 36-month/36,000-mile NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty.


At our auto shop, we back our services with the best auto repair warranty in the area. Our NAPA three-year, 36,000-mile warranty helps protect your investment while giving you true peace of mind.


At our auto shop in North Liberty, IA, we work on all types of brake systems.

We often see cars with disc brakes and anti-lock braking systems because that’s so common nowadays. As your only local auto repair shop accepting pre-1995 vehicles, we’re also well-versed in servicing drum brakes.

If you drive a hybrid car, you can rest assured that our brake shop has what it takes to service your electromagnetic braking system, too. We understand the ins and outs of regenerative braking, allowing us to keep your car working right.

Image of an auto technician's hands in glove holding a brake with exposed rotor and pads. Concept image of brake repair and services at Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA.


Need Your Brakes Serviced in North Liberty, IA?

When you want to restore your car’s stopping power, simply look to our team for help. At Quality Car Care, we always work hard to repair your braking system and get your car stopping on a dime once again.

Call us at (319) 626-2500 to get in touch with our team. We’ll help you find a convenient time to bring your car to our shop at 900 Hwy NE Suite 11, North Liberty, IA 52317.

We offer pick-up, delivery, and after-hours drop-off services as well. You’re welcome to take advantage of our complimentary shuttle whenever you need to get on with your day while having your car repaired.

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