Check Engine Light

Find the Problem with Check Engine Light Diagnostics in North Liberty, IA

When your check engine light starts shining brightly, do you ignore it or call your trusted auto repair shop to take a look? Hopefully, it’s the latter, so you don’t end up dealing with major car trouble down the road. 

This vital dashlight is your trusty watchdog, after all, always awaiting the chance to let you know it’s time for vehicle diagnostics and repairs. So, when it comes on, it’s always wise to make your way to our auto repair shop in North Liberty, IA and see what’s up with your car.

Closeup image of a check engine light.
Closeup image of an illuminated check engine on a dashboard.

Why Your Check Engine Light Matters

The check engine light directly interfaces with your vehicle’s onboard computer to let you know when something’s wrong with your car. It’s always watching and waiting to give you a warning at the first sign of a problem.

If you heed that warning, you can prevent minor problems from escalating and causing catastrophic damage. With that move, you’ll save time and money that would otherwise be spent on major repair and replacement services.


The most common reasons this important dashlight may start shining include:

Depending on the underlying cause of the problem, the light may shine steadily or blink on and off. Either way, it’s time to have the issue diagnosed at our auto repair shop in North Liberty, IA.

No worries if the light goes out before you can get into the shop. The computer stores the fault codes for later retrieval, so our mechanics can still see why it turned on earlier.

Our Approach to Dashboard Warning Light Diagnostics

A dashboard warning light is always worth the time to diagnose properly. 

Since the light links back to so many problems, our technicians must pull the fault codes to see what set it off. They will need to bring out an OBD2 code reader or high-tech digital scan tool to do that. They must connect the tools to the car to “talk” to the computer and pull the codes. 

Closeup image of an illuminated check engine light.

But that’s not all it takes. 

Our auto technicians must dig deep into their knowledge base to determine precisely what the codes mean. Sometimes, they have to perform additional diagnostic tests to determine why your car keeps throwing codes.

Only once our mechanics fully pinpoint the problem will we create a repair plan and share our service recommendations with you. You can use that info to decide how you want us to care for your car.


Is Your Check Engine Light On? Let Quality Car Care Check It

If you have a check engine light on—or it turned on and turned right back off again—visit our auto repair shop to get diagnostic services. At Quality Car Care, our technicians have the skills, experience, and diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problem and accurately find a great solution.

Give us a call at (319) 626-2500 to get on the schedule at a time and date that’s convenient for you. You can also drop by our shop at 900 Hwy 965 NE Suite 11, North Liberty, IA 52317

To make your visit even more convenient, we can set you up with our pick-up and drop-off services. Or we can have our complimentary shuttle pick you up and take you to your next destination.

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