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Stay Cool With Auto AC Repair & Service in North Liberty, IA

As the heat and humidity in Iowa come your way, flipping on the air conditioning in your car likely feels like second nature. The cool air flowing out of the vents rewards you for maintaining the system with AC repair services by keeping you and your passengers comfortable through every drive.

If your car’s AC system fails to work as expected, you’re definitely in for a toasty ride. You don’t have to go far, though. Book your visit at our auto shop in North Liberty, IA for auto air conditioner repair, and we’ll fix your car right.

How Your Auto Air Conditioning System Works

Your car’s air conditioning system works by continually cycling refrigerant through the system, transforming it from a liquid to a gaseous state and back again. As it does that, the refrigerant absorbs humidity and heat while delivering cool, dry air through the vents.

The system uses a series of interconnected parts to accomplish its passenger compartment cooling goals, such as:

As far as refrigerant goes, most cars use R134a, which replaced R-12 in the mid-1990s to help protect the ozone layer. A new refrigerant is on the horizon, called R-1234yf, which will lower the emission of greenhouse gases even more. In fact, the latest cars on the market today have already started using that refrigerant in their AC systems.

When to Come in for a Car AC Recharge and Repair

The most common signs you need car AC recharge and repair services include:

Ideally, you’ll want to book an AC service visit at our auto repair shop in North Liberty, IA before the warm weather arrives. Our technicians will inspect and test your system to confirm that it works efficiently and well before you need it. That way, you can avoid driving a hot, uncomfortable vehicle around until you can get into the shop.

Logo of 36-month/36,000-mile NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty.


At our auto shop, we back our services with the best auto repair warranty in the area. Our NAPA three-year, 36,000-mile warranty helps protect your investment while giving you true peace of mind.

What You Need to Know About Auto AC Repair Services

Your car’s AC system cannot properly cool the cabin space when its parts fail or refrigerant leaks out of the lines. The system must remain completely sealed to operate under pressure to manipulate the refrigerant between its two states.

Oftentimes, the system failure links back to a leaking line, seal, or part. Your auto technician can track that problem by following AC leak detection procedures. They will first fill the system with a fluorescent dye, then use a detection lamp to find the leak’s location.

If the leaking refrigerant does not cause the problem, your technician must track down exactly which parts have failed and replace them. They’ll need to move through all the right vehicle diagnostic steps while using their state-of-the-art tools to do that. Once they find the cause, they’ll provide their repair recommendations for your review so that you can make the best car care decisions every time.


Need Car AC Repair Services in North Liberty, IA?

With a visit to Quality Car Care, you can get all the auto AC recharge and repair services needed to keep your car blowing cool air out of the vents on demand.

We’ll start your visit with a digital vehicle inspection and any diagnostic services needed to provide accurate repair recommendations. After that, you can trust that we’ll perform the necessary car AC repairs and get you back on the road fast.

Ready to schedule your visit? Simply give us a call at (319) 626-2500 or swing by 900 Hwy 965 NE #11 North Liberty, IA 52317 to find a great time for auto AC repair services.

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