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David Hall, shop owner of Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA, togetehr with his son.


Shop Owner

David is the owner here at Quality Car Care. He opened up the shop in 2013, and he’s enjoyed every moment since.

He spends a lot of time at the shop and treats all his employees like family. Outside of work, his favorite things to do include spending time with his family, and working on his motorcycle and Firebird. And he values his family vacations. He also enjoys collecting bourbon.

It’s hard for him to pick just one but his favorite cars are the 1930s-1940s classic cars, as well as third-generation Firebirds (hence why he has one at home).

He is most proud of his kids and wants them to succeed to the best of their abilities. If he wasn’t a shop owner, he would be an automotive technician.

Alex Tincher, service manager at Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA.

Alex Tincher

Service Manager

Alex has been working with Dave and the Quality Car Care team for quite some time now. He started off as a mechanic and transitioned into an office position.

He still enjoys doing work on brakes and tires and sometimes misses working on the vehicles. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and his animals.

He is very thankful to have the opportunity to work and advance his career with Quality Car Care. If he wasn’t here, he would still want to have a career in the auto repair industry.

Nathan Corso, auto technician at of Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA.

Nathan Corso

Auto Technician

Nathan has been working with the Quality Car Care team for roughly three years now. His favorite thing to work on is suspension components and alignments.

Outside of work, Nathan enjoys cooking, going on walks, and woodworking. Right now, he is working on making a table.

Before he started working here he was driving a semi for many years. If he wasn’t here with us, he would still be doing that today.

His dream car would have to be a 68-70 Dodge Charger.

Michael Lawrence, auto technician at Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA.

Michael Lawrence

Auto Technician

Michael has been working with the Quality Car Care team for almost two years. He works on everything, but his favorite vehicles to work on are gasoline domestic vehicles.

His first vehicle was a 1989 GMC Sierra; he blew the head gaskets in less than a month. Michael was going to school to be an agricultural systems engineer. If he did not get into the auto repair industry, he would be doing that today.

Destiny Hall, customer service representative at Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA.

Destiny Hall

Customer Service Representative

Destiny is Quality Car Care’s newest employee. She is a customer service representative and is working towards becoming a service tech writer. Her favorite part of the job is being able to advance her knowledge of cars.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and playing Mario Kart. She also looks forward to visiting her family on the weekends. If she wasn’t here with us, she would consider going to college for psychology.


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