Signs That You Need A Brake Pad Replacement

New Car brake pads compared to old used brake pads | Quality Car Care in North Liberty, IA

Every vehicle comes with certain ‘wear parts,’ including your brake pads. This means you need to schedule regular repairs and replacements — sometimes more frequently than you’d think.

Let’s take a look at 10 major signs that you may need a brake pad replacement for your vehicle.

How To Know You Need A Brakepad Replacement: 10 Clues

Is your vehicle due for brake replacement?

Find out with these 10 telltale signs below.

1. Unusual Squeaking

Squeaking brakes indicate your hardware has reached the end of its life. Book a visit with your trusted auto shop to schedule a brake replacement.

2. Grinding Sounds

Some brakes come with built-in wear indicators that make a grinding sound when they’re ready for replacement. Loud grinding sounds while out on the road indicate it’s time for a brake pad replacement.

3. Vibration When Braking

Any shaking or shimmying when hitting the brakes is a sign of wear and tear. Quality Car Care can schedule your vehicle for a quick, timely service.

4. Reduced Braking Efficiency

If it takes a long time to slow your vehicle to a stop, reach out to Quality Car Care. We can help to repair or replace your brake pads so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

5. Unusual Scents

Noticing an unusual smell coming from your wheels? You may need to replace a few components attached to your brakes.

For example, worn-out brake parts may emit a hot or burning smell after an extended time on the road. Seized brake calipers or stuck wheel cylinders may also emit a concerning odor.

6. Check Engine Light

Your check engine light is a key indicator that something is out of balance with your vehicle. Low brake fluid levels or unevenly distributed brake pads may cause this light to turn on unexpectedly.

If you notice an unusual check engine light in your vehicle, you can contact Quality Car Care to schedule a digital vehicle inspection (DVI).

7. Thin Brake Pads

A brand-new brake pad is about half an inch wide, or at least eight to 12 millimeters in thickness. Once your pads reach a quarter of an inch in thickness, it’s time to consider getting a replacement.

You may need to schedule a more urgent service if your brake pads are less than a quarter inch thick.

8. Manufacturer’s Warranty

If your vehicle is under warranty, you likely need to undergo regular maintenance to avoid voiding the guarantee. This means scheduling regular maintenance services — including those addressing wear and tear on your brakes.

Be sure to consult with your specific warranty provider so you know what’s expected before making any rash decisions.

9. Older Used Vehicle

Older vehicles typically require more maintenance, especially regarding brake pads. Since brake pads last approximately 50,000 miles each, any vehicle at 50,000 or 100,000 miles may need a service check.

We recommend booking an inspection and diagnostic test before purchasing any used vehicle.

10. Specific Vehicle Model

Some vehicle makes and models cause more brake problems than others, including Ford FusionsLincoln MKZ sedans, and Chevrolet Silverados. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle has an above-average risk of damage, you can contact Quality Car Care to speak with a seasoned auto mechanic.

Brake Pad Replacement in North Liberty, IA Starts With Quality Car Care

Getting a brake replacement can feel stressful or even scary at times. However, with the help of a trained auto shop by your side, you navigate any unexpected curveballs and get back on the road even faster.

If you need quality brake pad replacement for your vehicle at a fair and affordable price, you can look to Quality Car Care for outstanding service and results. We’ve served the drivers of North Liberty for nearly a decade and counting. There’s no need to believe our team at face value — we have more than 100 five-star reviews from locals all over the area.

Get in touch with Quality Car Care today to schedule a brake pad replacement for your vehicle. Feel free to contact us at (319) 626-2500 or visit our auto shop at 900 Highway 965 NE, Suite #11, North Liberty, IA 52317.


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